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Industry Development Investment About us
Leading investment company in the direction of realization
  • Resistance Economy
  • High Quality
  • Production innovation
  • The needs of the community

Kowsar Saba Industry Development Investment Company is one of the parent companies affiliated with Kowsar Economic Organization with important economic factories in the fields of production, agriculture, industry, investment and participation in commercial projects.

This company works to meet the needs of the community and localize the products and services required by the country. All the subsidiaries of this company are trying to realize the resistance economy in the true sense of the word. These subsets use the latest technologies to provide standard and quality products.

Nearly half a century of exprience

Many subsidiaries of the parent company have over half a century of experience.

Production mutation

One of the long-term goals of the parent company is to move towards achieving the goals of the resistance economy.

High Quality products

We strive to ensure that all products produced in the sub-categories meet the required quality standards.

Needs assessment and meeting The needs

One of the main goals of the collection is to identify the needs of the community and meet them in a timely and correct manner.

Household consumption

Household products include sesame and corn oil, paste, rice, fish, etc.


Production of consumer electromotors in various industries and requirements of the country

Crude oil and meal

Used in feed, poultry and aquaculture factories and oil refining

wire and cable

Production of copper wires, pipes and belts, insulated wires, copper overhead conductors and light cables

Home Appliances

Production of TVs, vacuum cleaners and home appliances

Medical Equipment

Production of medical, rehabilitation, pharmaceutical and emergency equipment

One of the greatest missions of investment development companies is to find pure ideas, explore and invest in these ideas.

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Ongoing projects

Our group seeks to expand its activities to meet the needs of the community in a timely manner.

Inauguration of soy protein production line for household consumption52%
Localization of imported electric motors to meet the needs of petrochemical companies70%
Inauguration of a new OLED TV production line with a daily production capacity of 5,00082%
Inauguration of Samin paste production factory95%


Sustainability of management style


Customer satisfaction


Achieving the goals of resistance economy

Corona crisis

Providing part of the Home Appliances for young couples

Kermanshah earthquake

Donating home appliances to Earthquake victims

Corona crisis

Providing a part of the support basket for low-income groups

Corona crisis

Mass production of mask

social responsibility

The highest goal of any economic enterprise in the country is to take measures for the growth of society and meet the basic needs of that society. Over time, according to the events that take place in the country, each of us must take steps to make the best of these conditions. In order to achieve this great goal, our group has always been a pioneer in meeting the needs of society in all situations with the people.

Home Appliances
support baskets

Engineer Ouhadi

The activities of Kowsar Economic Organization have been in the direction of resistance economy so far and the same path should be followed and in this regard, agility, saving, merging parallel activities, assigning companies without production and reducing costs should always be emphasized. Also, the activities must be within the framework of the articles of association, approvals and instructions issued by the economic field of the Office of the Supreme Leader and the policies of the government and the Martyr and Veterans Affairs Foundation.

Engineer Eskandari

Kowsar Economic Organization considers the conditions of sanctions as an opportunity to produce more of its products, which can be referred to some of the organization’s actions in various fields, such as Jamco Company’s electromotor products, with its new activities to meet the needs of the country and even Production of electric motors with a capacity of 10 MB has been announced, as well as Shahab TV, which has expanded its production compared to 1995 and 1996.

Dr. Ein Afshar

At Kosar Saba Industry Development Company, we strive to achieve the best performance for stakeholders by attracting specialized and efficient people and promoting them, and secondly by recognizing customers and meeting their needs and expectations in the best way, and thirdly by applying the necessary flexibility with environmental changes. Bring our customers. We also believe that if this model is observed at the level of companies active in the field of industry and trade, we can hope for the horizons ahead and achieve progress and prosperity of the whole country.