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Kinds of Meal & Other Products


Khavardasht Agro-Industry Company produces 6 kinds of meal (canola, safflower, sesame, sunflower, soybean, and cottonseed) as well as rice, rice bran, and also cotton.


1- Safflower meal

General properties of safflower meal:

The advantages of buying safflower meal for livestock and poultry feed are somewhat known. Safflower meal is a good substitute for soybean and bran. For several years, buying safflower meal as one of the alternative products for feeding livestock and poultry has become a common practice in livestock farms and poultry farms.


General advantages of safflower meal:

  • Low price: compared to soybean meal and bran, safflower meal has a much lower price.
  • High protein (about 20%): among other plants can be said to be a good source of protein.
  • Raw fibers (about 40%): raw fibers in this product help to improve the digestive system of animals.
  • Having protein with high digestibility: having protein is one issue and its digestibility for livestock is another issue that is extremely important and plays a decisive role in choosing vegetable protein suppliers for livestock.
  • Methionine and histidine amino acids: these amino acids are of special importance for the body.


Special properties of safflower meal being produced by Khavardasht Agro-Industry Company:

  • High digestibility
  • Rich in methionine and cysteine amino acids
  • Safflower meal causes more weight gain than soybean meal
  • Very suitable for feeding broiler chickens thanks to a high protein content of safflower meal (wet protein 23-27)


2- Sesame meal

General properties of sesame meal:

Sesame meal is very important to increase production in poultry farms. This meal contains a variety of nutrients and minerals such as protein and calcium, which play an important role in improving production. Chickens that use sesame meal as feed generally perform better than other birds. In fact, sesame meal can even replace soybean meal in animal food. Sesame meal increases egg quality, yolk, and egg size in poultry farms. If taken in appropriate amounts with the relevant supplements, the meal can almost control the cholesterol level. Due to the current global demand for healthy foods, eggs with low cholesterol levels are highly valued, thus commanding a higher price in the market. It is very important and necessary for farmers to understand that despite its many nutritional properties, sesame should always be accompanied by food rich in minerals. The reason for this is that the lack of minerals can have adverse effects on egg health and production.


Special properties of sesame meal being produced by Khavardasht Agro-Industry Company:

  • High protein content (35-42% protein)
  • Contains arginine, leucine, and methionine amino acids
  • The amount of lysine in sesame meal is less than the required level, and its combination with soybean meal can compensate for this deficiency.
  • It can be used at a rate of 15-20% in poultry food.
  • It can be used for feeding light and heavy animals.
  • The only limitations on the use of sesame meal are its high phytic acid and lack of phytase secretion in the digestive system, low energy, and low lysine content.



3- Cottonseed meal

General properties of cottonseed meal:

Cottonseed meal has 20-25% protein and 10-13% fat content, and its raw fiber is about 20%. High-quality cottonseed meal has a moisture content of less than 10%. As a phosphorus and calcium supplement, this product along with other food items is a good feed for dairy cows and sheep. Thanks to its high-fat content, cottonseed meal increases milk production and milk quality in dairy cattle and increases weight in fattening cattle. Cottonseed meal is the best alternative as a food with moderate protein content to soybean meal, which has been facing a sharp price rise.


Special properties of cottonseed meal being produced by Khavardasht Agro-Industry Company:

  • A good source of fiber for ruminants with moderate protein levels (25%).
  • A source of digestible fiber for ruminants



4- Sunflower meal


General properties of sunflower meal:

Thanks to its high protein, sunflower meal can be included in the food of ruminants and non-ruminants. It can also be used as bird feed with high protein and low fiber content. The high amount of methionine is one of the factors that caused the high nutritional value of sunflower meal. Also, the protein in sunflower meal is so high that it can be used instead of soybean meal in animal food. Studies show that if sunflower meal along with soybean meal are included for feeding milking cows, it will increase the milk of the cows since the absorbable protein increases.


Special properties of sunflower meal being produced by Khavardasht Agro-Industry Company:

  • Contains various minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and selenium, as well as calcium and vitamin B
  • Rich in phosphorus
  • A rich source of methionine and cysteine amino acids
  • Providing protein for livestock and poultry feed 27-32
  • A safe and valuable product with protein content
  • Fiber and fat content for feeding ruminants, broilers and egg-layer chickens, as well as breeding quail and partridge
  • No need for heating or special attention to eliminate anti-nutritional factors, due to their absence


5- Soybean meal

Special properties of soybean meal:

Soybean meal is obtained from soybeans and is considered one of the most valuable products. By using it, there is no need to prepare expensive foods of animal origin.

This product is rich in protein and phosphorus and is very useful for the growth and strengthening of the bones of livestock and poultry. This special product is used in cold seasons to feed dairy cows and also as a complete source of food for fish and pets.

Soybean meal has many benefits such as vegetable protein and linoleic acid for feeding animals. Today, people are aware of the unique properties of soybeans with the advancement of science and knowledge.

Soybean has become the best alternative to meat, and many people, including vegetarians, can get the vitamins found in meat from soybeans.

The significant properties of soybean have made soybean meal to be used for feeding livestock and also for medicinal purposes.


Other important properties of soybean are:

  • The presence of various mineral salts, including essential and non-essential minerals
  • Containing approximately 44% protein
  • Various vitamins such as vitamins A and E and minerals such as iron, magnesium, and calcium are available in soybean meal.
  • In livestock and poultry breeding, soybean meal is used for faster growth of livestock or chickens.


Special properties of soybean meal being produced by Khavardasht Agro-Industry Company:

  • Rich in vitamin B
  • Balanced in amino acids and rich in lysine amino acid
  • A good source of useful protein for livestock and poultry
  • High energy content
  • Dry protein husked kernel (49-52%), unhusked (47-48%)
  • A relatively good source of phosphorus for the growth and strengthening of the ossification of livestock and poultry
  • Excellent for most livestock, poultry, and aquatic animals in terms of the composition of amino acids
  • The most abundant and high-quality standardized vegetable protein comparable to other protein sources in the world, suitable for feeding livestock, poultry, and aquatic animals


6- Canola meal

General properties of canola meal:

Canola meal is a common feed for livestock and poultry. This product has many tonic compounds including: 1. proteins 2. energy 3. fat 4. vitamins 5. mineral substances and minerals 6. Fiber, etc. Thanks to the nutritious ingredients of canola meal, it can be considered a nutritious and nourishing food for livestock and poultry. Canola meal is a good source for feeding dairy cows. Although the amount of protein in canola meal is lower than in soybean meal, its amino acids are well balanced. Considering the reasonable price of canola meal, this product can be a suitable substitute for soybean meal. Canola meal can be considered as a new and cheap protein supplement. Canola meal is richer in terms of sulfur amino acids (the first limiting and essential amino acid for milk production in livestock and body growth in poultry and livestock fattening) than soybean meal (NRC, 1989), but its arginine, phenylalanine, valine, and leucine contents are less.


Some of the most important properties of canola meal are:

  • Increasing milk production in dairy cattle
  • Increasing the amount of meat production in livestock
  • Increasing meat production in broilers
  • Producing high-quality eggs
  • Maintaining the fertility of dairy animals
  • Easing food digestion
  • Helping poultry and livestock gain weight
  • Accelerating the growth of livestock and poultry
  • Feeding all kinds of livestock and poultry
  • Cheap price, affordable, and suitable
  • Easy and convenient purchase


Special properties of canola meal being produced by Khavardasht Agro-Industry Company:

  • A good content of cysteine ​​and methionine amino acids
  • Equal to soybean meal in terms of essential amino acids balance
  • With less lysine and more methionine, the wet protein is 36-39%.
  • Can be used in poultry feed at the rate of (5-40)



Rice is another product of the company.

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