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Joveyn Electrical Machines Company

Joveyn Electrical Machines Company (Jemco) was established in the Iranian calendar year 1369 (March 1990-March 1991) as a quasi-public company in the form of a private joint stock entity in order to supply the domestic market and to remove the need for importing electrical machines from foreign manufacturers.


Comprised of eight production lines, Jemco has been established on around 250 hectares of land with more than 60,000 square meters of superstructure in the city of Joveyn, Khorasan Razavi province. The company has an office, including the administrative building in Tehran as well.



With an annual production capacity of more than 1,200 megawatts and benefiting from the world’s latest technology, the company manufactures kinds of three-phase industrial electric motors with 5.5 to 10,000 kilowatts of output compatible with foreign products in accordance with international standards. The company supplies its products to the market with the brand name “Jemco”.



Low-pressure and high-pressure explosion-proof electric motors (certified by the International Electrotechnical Commission standards IEC60034 and IEC60079-1:2014 and the European Union ATEX2014/34/EU for use in potentially explosive atmospheres); electric motors for smoke extraction (certified by the International Electrotechnical Commission); YD and YU series squirrel cage low-pressure motors; YK series high-pressure squirrel cage motors (complying with IEC60034 standards); YR series wound rotor high-pressure motors (certified by IEC60034 standards), and YJS series COMPACT medium-pressure motors are among the products manufactured by Jemco.



Jemco has so far succeeded in obtaining numerous international certificates, including:

  • The “Nobel” certificate for product conformity with the basic standards of the European Union (CE) from ECM of Italy;
  • The “Nobel” certificate of ATEX for quality assurance of production process from ECM of Italy;
  • The certificates for customer complaints management system (ISO10002:2014) and (ISO10002:2018);
  • The international certificate for safety, health and environment management system (HSE);
  • The certificate for smoke and heat control system(EN12101-3: 2015) based on the standards of the European Union Commission from Dedal Attestation of Bulgaria;
  • The certificate for occupational health and safety management system (ISO45001:2018);
  • The “Nobel” certificate for quality management system (ISO9001:2015);
  • The international certificate for environmental management system (ISO14001:2015); and
  • The certificate for customer satisfaction quality management system (ISO10004:2018).

Inside the country, of course, in addition to obtaining the laboratory standard certificate from the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran, and winning a badge of ‘top standard’ as a national exemplary company in two consecutive years of 1391 (March 2012-March 2013) and 1392 (March 2013-March 2014), Jemco was honored as the country’s first producer of:

  • “Low-pressure three-phase electric motors with cast iron shell”, in 1378 (March 1999-March 2000),
  • “Medium-pressure three-phase electric motors”, in 1386 (March 2007-March 2008),
  • “Diesel generators”, in 1388 (March 2009-March 2010),
  • “Three-phase low-pressure variable speed electric motors”, in 1392 (March 2013-March 2014),
  • “Three-phase medium-pressure explosion-proof electric motors”, in 1394 (March 2015-March 2016),
  • “Three-phase low-pressure electric motors for smoke extraction”, in 1395 (March 2016-March 2017),
  • “Three-phase low-pressure explosion-proof electric motors”, in 1397 (March 2018-March 2019),
  • “34-pole synchronous electric motors with 4000HP output, in 1399 (March 2020-March 2021), and
  • “Three-phase alternating current traction electric motors”, in 1400 (March 2021-March 2022).

Jemco has also gained other achievements to be a source of national pride in its history. For instance, it was introduced as:

  • “A knowledge-based company” in 1401 (March 2022-March 2023),
  • The country’s “best entrepreneur of the year” in 1390 (March 2011-March 2012), and
  • The country’s “exemplary producer” in 1392 (March 2013-March 2014).
  • The “exemplary producer” of the country in 1392 (March 2013-March 2014), and
  • One of the top 100 companies of the country in 1393 (March 2014-March 2015) by the Iran Industrial Management Company (IMI) in the 15th edition of the company’s ranking conference (IMI-100) which is held annually.

Jemco has also managed to receive:

  • A 4-star plaque of honor at the 5th National Award for Excellence and Progress in 1399 (March 2020-March 2021), and
  • A golden statue at the 2nd Festival of Top Companies (TOPEX) in 1392 (March 2013-March 2014), and…



The company’s products, which are used in various industries such as mining; cement; steel and iron smelting; chemicals, oil, gas, and petrochemicals; marine industries; power plants; water, sewage, and water supply; defense industry; food;


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