Kowsar Saba Industry Development Investment Group

Kinds of No-Meat Canned Food    

Kowsar Behchin Samin Food Industries Company is one of the subsidiaries of Kowsar Saba Holding.


With a capacity to receive 350 tons of tomatoes per day, the company produces 90,000 no-meat canned food and 60,000 canned tomato pastes in three shifts.


Benefiting from modern European technology and the use of Italian machinery, Kowsar Behchin Samin Food Industries Company produces food products that meet accredited international standards competing with foreign products.


The company’s manufacturing plant with a production hall with more than 1,600 square meters of infrastructure and a warehouse of 1,600 square meters is located on land measuring 8,417 square meters in Torbat Jam city in Khorasan Razavi province.


Kinds of no-meat canned food (400-gram tomato paste, 800-gram tomato paste, and 4,300-gram tomato paste, 370-gram canned broth pea, green beans, beans with mushrooms, beans with sauce, eggplant, lentils, sweet corn, and 350-gram carrot jam) are among the products of the company, which is a subsidiary of Kowsar Saba Holding. The company’s products are supplied to the market with the brand name “Manilo”.







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