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Shahab Vacuum Cleaner SH20DA307




Product Code: SH20DA307

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Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 250 x 316 x 471 cm

Weight: 5.8 kg

Type of vacuum cleaner: Dustbag cleaner

Output power: 2,000 W

Power strip pulley: Yes

Power consumption range: 1,500 to 2,000 W

Telescopic tube: Yes


Sanitary filter: Yes

Output filter: HEPA

Power cable length: 7 m

Operation radius: 10 m

Noise level: 76 dB

Tank capacity: 4 lit

Tank full sensor: Yes

Auxiliaries: Curtain brush – sofa brush – carpet brush – Guide booklet


Advantages and features:

The 2000 W vacuum cleaner is another product of “Shahab” company, which has a reasonable price. The product has a beautiful appearance and is available in three colors: red, blue, and black.

The cleaner is equipped with a powerful motor with a consumption power of 2,000 watts and has a tank capacity of 4 liters.

The presence of a tank full sensor in the vacuum cleaner, a brush, and a series of sealants for cleaning household items such as sofas and curtains are among the advantages of the vacuum cleaner.

This model of vacuum cleaner has a sanitary filter to prevent dust from leaving the device.

The vacuum cleaner has a warranty for 18 months.

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