Kowsar Saba Industry Development Investment Group

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Kowsar Saba Industry Development Investment Group

 Kowsar Saba Industrial Development Investments Group was established in Tehran in the Iranian calendar year of 1397 (March 2018-March 2019) with the aim of organizing activities in the field of general industries and creating chains of production in line with the goal of manufacturing the products domestically and providing services needed by the country.


Kowsar Saba Industrial Development Investments Group, abbreviately Kowsar Saba Holding Company (KSHC), as a quasi-public company in the form of a public joint stock parent company, with eight subsidiaries and factories in different parts of the country, is active in manufacturing, industrial, and agricultural fields. It is, indeed, actively involved in investment as well as trade, production, and service projects nationwide. 

Kowsar Saba Holding's Subsidiaries

Khorasan Cotton and Oilseeds Factories Company


Introducing Subsidiaries' Products

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They are classified into two large categories:

Industrial products: Kinds of wires and cables, Kinds of three-phase industrial electric motors, Kinds of electrical home appliances (including: TV, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator-freezer, gas stove, speaker, home cinema), Kinds of ultra-low consumption LED lights and lamps. 

• Food products: Kinds of raw edible oils (including soybean, safflower and
cottonseed, sesame, corn, grape seed and camellia oil), kinds of animal meal (for livestock, poultry and aquatic consumption; including cotton meal) seeds and sunflower seeds), protein soybean meal (for human consumption), high-quality cotton fibers, denatured cotton, and types of Linterjet 1 and 2 (for use in the military and chemical industries), lecithinized soybean oil (edible lecithin in the food industry), as well as a variety of non-meat canned goods (including tomato paste, chickpeas, green beans, beans with mushrooms, beans with sauce, eggplant, lentils, sweet corn and carrot jam)

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