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Washing Machine

Shahab fully automatic washing machines in white and silver colors



لباسشویی تمام اتوماتیک نقره ای شهاب


Specifications (advantages and features):

Brushless electric motor, low-consumption,

No noise and vibration

Direct Inverter Drive

Equipped with a weight detection sensor that determines the amount of water used and the washing time based on the weight of the clothes

Saving energy with a smart washing system

Equipped with adjustable 1,400 rpm dryer

Equipped with LED display and touch panel

Equipped with 6 motion direct drive technology

Reducing energy consumption based on EU energy standard A+++ (-30%)

Equipped with 14 washing programs and 66 additional programs

Equipped with inverter with 10 years warranty

16-minute quick wash

Dimensions: 850 x 620 x 600 mm

Equipped with child lock and safety door lock functions

Steel chrome door

Equipped with delay wash function

Equipped with temperature set function

Equipped with rinsing for 9 stages

Equipped with internal heater

Prewash function for very dirty clothes

Disinfectant function

Care crease function



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